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As one of the most popular independent driving schools in Paisley I want to give our customers a little more so I decided to have this news section where you can find out some of the latest news and get useful tips on your driving.

Another new car...

posted 20 Jul 2018, 08:24 by Jennifer Owen

Thankfully, it is that time of year again for a change of car... Unfortunately unlike my Seat Ibiza, I had many problems with my Mini Cooper, while it was a fantastic car to drive and my pupils all loved was never out of the garage ( 14 times in 2 years 🙈 )  On this occasion I have opted for a Honda Jazz Sport vetch, it is looking forward to getting it out on the road and clocking up the miles🚘🎉🎉 Peeeeep peeep

Another year over...

posted 25 Nov 2016, 01:41 by Jennifer Owen

Well that's all folks...another working year over and definitely another year older🙈

As many of you already know, today is my last "working" day of 2016, unfortunately due to ongoing health problems, I am going into hospital at the end of the month for a much needed operation, which will have me off the road until January 2017.

Fortunately, however, a friend and colleague Charlie Grady ( Grade A Driving Instructor ) is taking over in the passenger seat...allowing all of my current pupils to continue with their lessons and get out and about on the road👍. Fingers crossed I will be back out on the roads fighting fit from the 4/1/2017.

Many thanks to all of my pupils past and present for all of their co-operation and support at this time and throughout the year. Congratulations to all of my pupils who have passed their tests this year, here is looking forward to many more in 2017.

Jen x

Ps Gift vouchers are now available for Christmas and lessons can still be booked for 2017.

My new set of wheels...

posted 11 Jul 2016, 08:00 by Jennifer Owen

It is that time of year again for a change of car... I can only give nothing but praise for my ever reliable Seat "Ibiza" I absolutely loved it, would highly recommend one.  However, this time I have opted for a Mini Cooper 1.5 is looking forward to getting it out on the road and clocking up the miles🚘🎉🎉 Peeeeep peeep

Toot toot...

posted 4 Jan 2016, 07:28 by Jennifer Owen   [ updated 4 Jan 2016, 07:29 ]

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2016.

Happy and safe driving

Seat Ibiza FR

posted 9 Jul 2014, 01:09 by Jennifer Owen

The time came at the end of May to bid farewell to my ever reliant Vauxhall Corsa.  After much delibaration, and endless hours of walking around Arnold Clark, I elected to go for the ever popular Seat Ibiza FR., and I love it, as do my pupils.
The FR model is the top of the range Ibiza, it comes with all the "mod cons" and fancy "bits n bobs".
Comes highly to follow.

Price Changes

posted 24 Apr 2014, 22:27 by Jennifer Owen

What with the ever increase in the rise of the cost of fuel, my prices have increased to £23.00 per hour as from the 6th April 2014.  Blocks of 10 are also available at a discounted cost of £220.00. 

My prices continue to remain competitive within the Renfrewshire and Glasgow areas, if you are interested and getting out and about and achieving one of lifes little skills, please just give me a buzz...


posted 3 Jan 2013, 06:28 by Jennifer Owen   [ updated 3 Jan 2013, 06:28 ]

everyone a very happy and safe New Year.

Theory Test Changes...

posted 10 Feb 2012, 00:24 by Jennifer Owen   [ updated 12 Oct 2012, 00:32 ]

As of the 23rd January 2012, the driving theory test changed. The theory test will no longer use pre – published questions, in a bid to prevent Learners from memorising the answers.  Until January 2012, all questions and answers had been published, however, these changes have been enforced hoping that learners gain a better knowledge and understanding of the driving theory, as you can no longer memorise the answer for specific scenarios.  Theory test books are still available to allow you to study, test yourselves and monitor your own progress. Good Luck!

A "must" buy...

posted 4 Sept 2011, 07:07 by Jennifer Owen   [ updated 30 Jan 2012, 22:56 ]

The official DSA Theory test for Car drivers and the official Highway code. This book contains all official car theory test revision questions and answers from the Driving Standards Agency.  Highly recommended to assist you with your revision as it contains every official revision question and answer with a full DSA explanation.  Also included a free theory test extra e-Book which explains the theory behind each topic covered in the book.

Did you know?...

posted 20 Jul 2011, 06:43 by Jennifer Owen   [ updated 24 Aug 2011, 02:57 ]

That recent research carried out states that learners who have a mixture of professional instruction and private practice do better at the "driving test". The Driving Standards Agency states that on average, those who pass have had 47 hours of professional instruction and 20 hours of private practice. However, this differs from pupil to pupil; everyone's learning needs are different.  There is no set guideline. 

If possible, it is important to practise what you have learned during your lessons with your instructor.  Whether it be the dreaded reverse round the corner or the delightful dual carriageway driving.

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