Testimonials from the many, many satisfied customers of Jen Owen...

I am so glad that I did my driving lessons with Jen.  She is very patient and always took the time to explain everything and talk you through everything.  I am happy that I passed and it is down to having such a great Instructor.

Kim McMillan, Paisley

Jen is an excellent instructor who is incredibly supportive and gives great feedback.  She is friendly and has a great sense of humour.  Jen was amazing throughout my time under instruction and gave me tips and suggestions on how to improve throughout.  I would recommend 110%.

Jack Clark, Paisley

I just want to thank Jen for everything she did to help me pass.  I was once told I couldn’t drive a manual car and because of Jen I did!!  Jen has the patience of a saint! I would highly recommend Jen Owen to anyone wanting to learn.  Thank you again.

Grace Mushet, Paisley

Thank you to Jen Owen for helping me get through my test and passing with only 2 minor faults.  A brilliant teacher and would highly recommend anyone looking to do lessons.

Sean Edgar, Paisley

Jen Owen is a fantastic driving instructor and from my very first lesson, Jen’s reassurance and encouragement allowed me to feel at ease and develop more and more confidence with each week. Jen had the ability to make lessons both enjoyable and constructive. She gives great guidance and ensures that you understand any mistakes that you have made whilst being incredibly helpful with any queries that you may have. Additionally, Jen’s teaching method was excellent as any new encounters or learning experiences that you may face were calmly and clearly explained, whilst you were also encouraged to execute independent thinking regarding potential hazards which in turn increased my confidence as I gained a better understanding of the road environment. Every lesson with Jen was enjoyable and thanks to her patience, understanding and ability to make things easy to remember, I made great progress and passed my test first time. I am grateful to Jen for all that she did and I would confidently recommend her to any individual wishing to learn to drive.

Ciara Rodgers, Paisley

Would definitely recommend Jen as she is a great instructor that explains everything well and is very patient, she helped me build my confidence and I passed 1st time.  

Beth Thomas, Paisley

Jen was suggested by my friend.  Being from other country where driving is on other side, this was big challenge for me, but Jen was really supportive and guided me through every aspect of changing my "right" side thinking.  It was fun learning with Jen - cheese slices and pound coins. She is also keen on singing which made me more relaxed while driving. There were few moments when I thought I will not manage to pass my test, but Jen's tough love and encouragement made me to keep moving!  Jen was amazing and the joy which I saw in her when I passed my test showed me that she truly was there for me! 

Thank you Jen for helping me to pass my test with 1st attempt.

Laura Kadakovska, Paisley

Thoroughly enjoyed my driving experience with Jen. I would definitely recommend. I felt completely comfortable during each lesson and enjoyed the patter. She is very patient and easy to get along with.

James Watret, Paisley

I can’t recommend Jen enough. She made driving fun to learn. Her patience and knowledge are impeccable and I am so grateful to have passed with Jen.  She invests time in her students and always reassured you that you are doing well.  I could see my progress grow from strength to strength each and every lesson and I couldn’t have passed without her.

Hannah Carrol, Paisley

Jen is an amazing driving instructor, she has so much experience and knowledge which helped me pass my driving test first time!!! She was very kind and patient when I made mistakes, plus she's great fun too! And she will always bring a sweet for you without fail :D 

I would like to thank Jen for all her hard work and patience and would definitely highly recommend her to all my friends and family... 

Marilyn Ugaz Mejia, Paisley

I passed my driving test first time all thanks to Jen. A great driving instructor who focuses on making sure that ou are 100% confident of what you have learned and takes time to explain if you aren’t. She was always calm and had the patience of a saint. I couldn’t have wished for a better instructor.

Alannah Roddie, Paisley

I would like to say a big thank you to Jen for not only teaching me how to drive, but helping me build my confidence. I was a very nervous driver who panicked at the little thing, but Jen made me feel at ease throughout every lesson. I passed my test first time and couldn't be happier!

I would recommend Jen to anyone as she is relaxed with a great sense of humour and makes your lessons enjoyable every week! Her methods of helping you remember things are great too. She's fun and relaxed, but firm when she needs to be.

Again thank you for everything, Jen. Will miss your singing every week.

Good luck for the future and many more passes to come.

Abbie Easton, Paisley

If you're looking to start lessons and in the process of choosing an instructor- i 110% recommend Jen. She had me at ease from my first lesson and has since encouraged me to believe I could do it. She has many ways of making your lessons fun but also ensures you understand what you've been taught before moving on. She truly has the patience of a saint and I honestly couldn't of done any of it without her. Without a doubt, she is the best in the business and is fully committed to what she does. She is in fact the definition of her favourite phrase- "trouble"

Louise Kirk, Paisley

Jen was very easy to get on with and explained everything very clearly and had great patience.  By the time I was ready to sit my test I was fully confident and relaxed.  I would thoroughly recommend Jen as an Instructor to anyone thinking about learning to drive. 

Jack Robertson, Paisley

Jen really helped me stay focused during my time learning to drive. We had a good laugh as well, which helped put me at ease whilst learning to drive. I have just passed my test... woohoo!! Jen helped me to believe I could after failing 1st time around... She always kept me well fed on fizzy cola bottles 😜 

Bob Skiff, Paisley

Just want to say thanks for all your help over the past months...been a great help and I stuck to it...Cheers, all the best.

Matt Sharman, Paisley

What can I say about Jen?...Patient, non critical, professional, she just is the best driving instructor ever.  Being a person of the older persuasion I never thought I would pass my test, however, Jens wonderful nature gave me the belief to carry on. I cannot recommend Jen enough.  Thank you so much.

Sharon Keogh, Paisley

Learning to drive with Jen has been a great experience. If you're reading this review while trying to decide which instructor might be for you I would definitely recommend you contact Jen. As well as being a 1st class instructor she is a genuinely lovely person with a great sense of humour.  I had put off learning to drive for a long time when a previous very poor experience with another instructor left me feeling very nervous about getting back behind the wheel.   Jen helped build my confidence from day one with patience and encouragement and after only 3 or 4 lessons I was surprised to discover my driving nerves had almost gone.   She calmly gives instructions and reminders to keep you on track and talks through mistakes with you so you understand where you have gone wrong.   In addition to pointers throughout, at the end of each session she gives you feedback on what's going well, what she feels needs more practice and also checks you are happy with your progress.    Thank you for all your support. Passing my test felt amazing & I’m now looking forward to getting my 1st car!

Dot, Paisley

I passed 1st time with Jen Owen School of Motoring and am now enjoying the freedom as a confident and able driver.  Jen was a great teacher who always made me feel at ease and comfortable on the roads as well as giving me all the advice and support I needed.  I would highly recommend Jen to anyone starting out as a learner driver.

Fiona Gilmour, Paisley

I had the pleasure of learning to drive with Jen and she is amazing.  Jen is an excellent instructor and is so patient. I have just passed my driving test and couldn't have done it without her.  Jen has a great sense of humour which made you feel at ease while driving and not feeling tense at any time.  She would explain things clearly, but, if you didn't understand at any point then would rephrase and help you through it.  I will miss her singing in the car which made lessons fun and enjoyable...and also calling me "trouble".  My knowledge and confidence has grown.  Jen is very relaxed and so friendly and I am so thankful that I passed with her and would I definitely recommend Jen...such an amazing personality too.

Lynsey Wilson, Kilbarchan

To any "would be" learners...You will not get any better than Jen.  If you want an Instructor that is clear and precise and gives you confidence to learn at your own speed then Jen is for you.  A very good teacher, who is chatty and good fun.  Can't thank you enough for putting up with my moans and groans.  All the very best for the future in whatever you do...and remember " slow slow quick quick slow"

Matt Connell, Paisley

First a big thank you to Jen for helping me acquire all of the necessary skills and helping me pass my driving test safely.  She keeps saying she is big " softy" and she is... She has a well thought out, staged process of teaching to drive that starts forms basic control of the car to eventually driving on your own.  I'm sure she definitely has methods flexible enough for both slow and fast learners.  She is never harsh, but at the same point never fails to point out any mistakes right away so we could learn quickly.  I was nervous initially, however Jens reassuring way of of teaching put me at ease fairly quickly.  She also shows up on time for lessons and on those rare occasions when she didn't, she would let me know in advance.  Jen was very accommodating to my requests with regards to her scheduling as well. I would definitely recommend Jen to anyone who is looking to learn to drive from scratch or to someone who is an experienced driver but perhaps looking to get to know the local roads and rules of driving in the UK.

Bharani Jayasuri, Paisley

Having spent some considerable amount of time away from taking my driving lessons, I thought that this would be the year to get back into them.  Having read previous reviews on how much of a skilled driving instructor Jen Owen is, I took a leap of faith and decided I would take up lessons with her.

Jen is very calm and collective sitting beside you in the front passenger seat.  I was put at ease with her approach at how to drive,  from driving in quiet areas, doing manoeuvres when asked to do so, right up to driving on the busy Linwood Bypass.  I myself was quite nervous and apprehensive  to being behind the wheel, but thanks to Jen and her words of wisdom, I was able to drive on the roads with more confidence.

Whenever I doubted my ability to do such tasks, Jen would remind me that I was able to do this, and would recap on how to perform such a task.  I personally liked to remind myself on what I was doing , and would question Jen as to how to approach the task.  I was never made to feel silly with my questions , and if I had a bad day of self doubt, Jen would be right beside me, assuring me all the way.

I never set a goal of when I was going to accomplish completing my lessons, nor did I even think I would complete my manoeuvres with such ease.  It is all thanks to Jen that I can now say that I passed my theory test in the high 90 percentile, and now I have passed my driving test as well.

I cannot thank Jen Owen enough for everything that she has done for myself.  Now I can drive on the roads knowing that I can do it no problem, and with no self doubt.  

Zara Kerr, Paisley

Just passed my driving test with Jen Owen School of Motoring.  I had a fantastic learning experience with Jen and always received great guidance and stupors during my lessons. Every lesson was enjoyable, worthwhile and gave me the knowledge I needed to pass my test with confidence.

Caring Hamilton, Paisley

Cant recommend Jen Owen highly enough.  Patient, professional and above all a really nice friendly person.  Passed 1st time thanks to all her help and advice.

Stuart Gibson, Paisley

Just a bit of grateful blurb from a former Pest !

Somehow you got me from a cheese slice to furry dice.

Somehow you remained fun fair and fearless for the duration. 

With trouble and gears wringing in my ears you got me there, with a giggly glow and a few gentle blows.

Finally the Jen special post lesson analysis, the ultimate lesson in having a word with yersel ! 

Thanks again Jen, 

Claire McCaskill, Paisley

Absolutely loved lessons with Jen Owen and would recommend her highly ! My driving experience with a different instructor started off poor and put me off doing lessons, when I changed instructor to Jen my confidence grew and grew and I began to love driving. I previously had thought I was a rubbish driver but Jen got me to believe I was actually good at it and build my confidence up enabling me pass my test, even though I failed first time she assured me I could do it giving me the confidence to not give up and do my test again and pass! Jen herself is a lovely women her singing and catchphrases make ever lesson fun and cheerful. As for teaching she never makes it hard for you to learn, teaches you the easiest ways to do manoeuvres and gives you the time until you feel confident in doing them. I can't thank Jen enough as I feel if I hadn't changed instructor to her then I would have never got on the roads and been able to drive. 
Page O'Donnel, Paisley

5⭐️ Driving instructor here folks...Gives you all the knowledge and confidence that you need to go into your test without a worry.  Thanks again Jen, means a lot.

Neil Mathieson, Campbeltown

I took the Pass Plus with Jen Owen because driving in the city was nothing compared to driving in a rural area such as my home town and I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. Driving to Glasgow was something that I had always feared. Having passed my test in August of 2015 in the small quiet area of Kintyre, I thought that with the amount of time that I have had in my own area would make me be an expert in the city.  However,  it wasn’t until I took the courage to travel to Glasgow, and I was a nervous wreck!.. Not wanting to go on the motorway, or even on roundabouts! It was then after I decided that I needed a little bit more driving experience with a professional so I contacted Jen and she was very helpful with being flexible with dates that I could have taken the lessons. The course consists of 6 modules: Night driving, Town driving, in all-weather driving, on rural roads, on duel carriageways and motorway driving. It was over a 6 hour period and by the end I was far more confident.  Jen was a very good instructor and was very understanding of my nerves with tackling the big city. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone from areas like Campbeltown. It is also a skill that you will need when you come to driving in the big city.

Ciaran Norris, Campbeltown

I have recently completed the Pass Plus course with Jennifer Owen.  I have found it to be a very beneficial experience, coming from a rural area it was worthwhile and it has increased my confidence driving in the city and on the motorway.  Jennifer is a very relaxed person which also makes it a very fun and pleasant experience. Thank you Jennifer for all your help and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to take part in the Pass Plus Scheme with Jen Owen School of Motoring!

Amy Shaw, Campbeltown

I'd been driving on and off for over a year and sat more than a couple of tests when I decided to change driving instructor. Jen immediately made me feel comfortable.  I think her singing and words of encouragement put me at ease very quickly.

I've just passed my test first time since being with Jen and can't recommend her enough! Jen never over complicates the procedures  and her cheery personality even made me look forward to my driving lessons. This was amazing because previously I'd become quite anxious before my lessons. I wish Jen all the best and hope you decide to drive with her as you won't be disappointed. 

Eilidh, Glasgow

I drove myself home for the first time, and it seemed weird not having Jen sitting next to me and calling me "trouble".  I also felt safe and unworried in the car though, which I wouldn't have believed when I started this process a year or so ago.  I didn't have my first driving lesson till I was 39, and wasn't able to practice outside of the lessons, but Jen guided me till i could confidently make my own decisions.  Even though I've now passed I still intend to get a few more lessons from Jen.  She also has the voice of an angel.

Patrick McGuire, Paisley

Jen was fantastic throughout the whole driving experience.  Calm, patient and knowledgable, she turned a nervous and unsure novice into an admittedly confident and capable driver.  Jen was always patient and knew what to do to fix any mistakes I was making.  Jen gets top marks from me!

Ross Blythe, Paisley

I was so nervous about learning to drive after putting it off for many years, but Jen put me instantly at ease and has such a great way of explaining how everything works.  She always made sure I fully understood each element, no matter how many times we had to go over it!  Lessons were actually something to look forward to and, thanks to Jen's never-ending encouragement, sweetie sharing, patience and excellent guidance, I passed my test first time.  Thank you so much! 

David Cochrane, Paisley

I hadn't driven at all for over 15 years, and had completely lost my confidence. Jen was recommended to me, and has helped me enormously. She is a great instructor, patient and funny  If you "don't panic, keep your tummy out while rocking and rolling" - she's the girl for you!...

Patricia, Paisley

I put off learning to drive for years because after some lessons in my late teens I decided I wasn't a 'natural driver' and just wasn't practical enough to ever get the hang of it. But that didn't put Jen off. She changed my thinking and helped me grow in confidence to the point
where I passed first time. I think it's about finding the right instructor who will encourage you and push you in the moments where you doubt yourself. Jen approached my lessons with good humour and that made a big difference because I was surprised to find I actually enjoyed them. And her instruction is extremely thorough. Unlike the first time I learned, I was able to understand exactly what I was doing
and why. My stupid questions didn't feel so stupid. And with the parts that took me longer to grasp, Jen knew how to make it sink in. I would recommend her to anyone who feels they might not have what it takes to get out on the road or who dreads the idea of a test but is desperate to be on the other side, driving safely with confidence. Jen
knows how to get you there!

Jen Clark, Houston

Before I started my driving lessons with Jen I had 2 previous instructors. I had already done around 25 lessons before I began with Jen and I hadn’t passed my theory after failing it once. I decided to go with a new driving instructor because I didn’t feel I was getting anywhere with the one I had previous. After the first couple of weeks I had my theory booked again but did not pass, Jen motivated me to get it booked and try again – a few weeks later I did it again and passed. Not long after, we had my test booked and were practicing for my practical which I passed first time. I only did lessons with Jen for a few months but the full time I felt comfortable, relaxed and motivated to pass my test. I have learned 10x more about driving with Jen than I did with my previous instructors. I highly recommend anyone looking to take lessons to go with Jen!!

Anthony Aitchison, Paisley

I have been under the instruction of Jen since the early part of 2014, after a large break in driving since my previous instructor and having just passed my driving theory test.  Since then, Jen has increased my confidence on the road as a driver as well as a person.  Although strict in her driving tuition, Jen shows a high admiration for her pupils and manages to unlock their best potential.  She certainly did for me.  Her perfect guidance allowed me to pass my practical driving test and gave me the confidence to hit the road as a fully qualified driver as soon as I could. Also, Jen has a rare stash of sweets.  Sweets are AWESOME

Such a friendly and vibrant individual, Jen is an amazing instructor who shall care for and nourish your driving ability, until you reach your full potential and gain that coveted pink piece of plastic or card known as a full drivers licence.  I cannot recommend her highly enough if you wish to begin your life as a driver.  She will get you through your theory and practical test in no time at all.  

Robert Clarke, Renfrew

I passed my driving test first time thanks to Jen. Her friendly and relaxed manner put me at ease and she worked patiently to increase my confidence on the road. She was calm and unflappable at all times, even when I felt that everything was going wrong! She explained things clearly and in a way that has stayed with me, and after I had mastered the basics she would make sure to focus on practicing anything I wasn't totally sure of or confident in. Jen didn't just teach me how to pass a driving test - she taught me how to drive safely and well.

Maureen, Paisley

Jen was my second driving instructor and after a bad experience previously I was really nervous about starting lessons again however, from the minute I got in the car Jen put me at ease. Her manner, patience and sense of humour make lessons fun and enjoyable, for me this helped in picking up what I was being taught. Jen helped me gain not only a full new set of skills but also the confidence to get out there and go for it. I couldn’t thank Jen enough for everything she has done for me and I would strongly recomend her to anyone wanting to learn.

Karen Gannon, Paisley

Jen is an excellent driving instructor. She explains everything clearly which boosts up your confidence when driving. Jen makes learning to drive fun and she even shares her sweets with you. She is patient even when you make mistakes and makes you feel completely comfortable whilst being behind the wheel. After passing my test I decided to do the Pass Plus course with Jen. This allowed me to be more confident on motorways and country roads. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor.

Sonia Kooner, Paisley

Having had a bad experience with a previous driving instructor I switched to Jen after reading the reviews on her website. I never thought driving lessons would be enjoyable but from my very first lesson Jen made me feel comfortable and was a good laugh. She taught me skills that my previous instructor didn’t provide me with and if I was feeling nervous or hesitant she was great at giving motivational pep talks. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone and making the switch to Jen was the best decision I made.Thanks again for everything :)

Geraldine Steele, Paisley

After not driving for 4 years and moving to Glasgow from Campbeltown, i decided to get back into the driving with Jen Owen.  I was quite nervous to start with but jen made me feel at ease and got me back into the swing of things.  I now feel a lot more confident in the drivers seat...Even without her sweeties!

Gayle McGeachy, Glasgow                                               

I contacted Jen to organise some refresher lessons after a particularly traumatic car accident.  I had been driving for 21 years without any bumps, however had lost my confidence after the crash and was very reluctant to get behind the wheel again, or even be a passenger in a car.  Jen was more than happy to give me an appraisal of my driving style and provide me with constructive criticism on how I could improve my driving on today’s busy roads.  I took lessons covering night time driving, town driving, motorway driving and negotiating country roads, adapting my approach to each type of road. This provided me with the reassurance I needed to feel safe behind the wheel again and allowed me to get out and about again.  Her instruction was calm, clear and confident and she was happy to give advice on different road situations I asked about.  I would highly recommend Jen as a driving instructor for either a new learner or someone looking to refresh their driving skills as her friendly manner puts even the most nervous person at ease. Thank you Jen!      Vhairi, Paisley

Jen was very thorough and patient throughout my lessons. She was completely at ease with my difficult schedule, to plan ahead for my lessons. Always accommodating and keen to help. Would have no hesitation in recommending Jen.                                               Paula O'Malley, Paisley

I first took lessons as a 17 year old and hated it – I felt nervous on the road and dreaded each lesson.  Fast forward a good many years and I decided the time had come to try again.  I signed up with Jen and loved the whole experience right from the beginning.  I looked forward to every lesson and thoroughly enjoy driving.  That, I’m sure, was mostly down to Jen.  She has a way of relaxing even the most nervous driver and encouraging confidence.  She is patient, explains everything clearly and breaks up every manoeuvre into small steps.  I was pleased to pass my test at the 2nd attempt – but have to admit I will miss our twice-weekly lessons and the chat.  I’ll also have to buy my own polo mints from now on!Thank you so much, Jen, for  getting me through the test and for making the whole experience such fun.                                       Valerie McVey, Paisley

Jen was recommended to me by a couple of people who had taken lessons with her before and had been succesful, and, I can say that I dont have any regrets whatsoever.  Jen, with her fantastic sense of humour and her never ending polo mint challenges made the whole learner driver experience even better.  She made you feel relaxed and  at ease behind the wheel.  Her every instruction was very clear and understanding, each manouverewas explained step by step which made things so much easier to learn and take in.  From going to not driving at all, to pass 1st time with not 1 single minor after only 4 months of lessons says it all, and to be Jens 1st "clean sheet" is a priveledge.  I can say I would highly recommend Jen to everybody who is learning to drive.  I will miss everything about learning to drive with Jen for a long time.  Thanks Jen
Jon Heirs, Paisley

I had not driven for 25 years since passing my test and Jen has actually supported me to get out on the road. I had lost confidence and found Jen reassuring, calm and informative and I enjoyed her lessons. Thanks Jen .
Jen McTaggart, Paisley

After having some bad experiences with other instructors, Jen was recommended by a friend. I instantly felt more comfortable behind the wheel and started to enjoy my lessons. It soon came to light all of the failings in the other instructors as I was ready to sit my test in no time! I couldn't recommend Jen any more and I'm so glad I was passed her details.
Lisa Duff, Paisley

Being an older learner I went with Jen as she had some great testimonials and I felt that’s what I needed. I was right!! She is professional and a great teacher but knows how to crack the whip when required. I have had lessons with other instructors and didn’t feel they really had my best interests at heart but with Jen this was not the case. An excellent teacher and I am very grateful I chose her as I don’t think I would have passed my test either in the time I did or be as confident on the road as I am due to her.
Craig McHugh - Renfrew

I was very impressed with the lessons I had with Jen. I was quite nervous to start with but she made me feel totally at ease and stayed calm and collected even when I got in a flap. I now feel a lot more confident in the driver’s seat and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
Jen McKernan, Aberdeen

I went with Jen Owen,as I heard she was a good instructor.  I have just passed my test first time! When I started my lessons I had never been behind a wheel, Jen made me feel confident and comfortable. She's patient and explains well.. plus she shares her sweets!
Thanks Jen. See you on the road.
Sarah,  Paisley

Driving lessons with Jen Owen can be fun and not nerve wracking at all.  Jens's confident and professional manner, together with her relaxed attitude and sense of humour will put you at ease and help build your confidence.  Her "nippy" little Seat is a safe and confortable car to drive.  Jen has a way of making her constructive criticisim stick in your mind so the benefits of her experience and advice will stay with you long after you pass your test.
For younger drivers especially from rural areas, I think sitting the pass plus course is well worthwhile as you will learn to drive safely and be comfortable with town and city driving in busy traffic and on motorways whilst having the reassurance of a confident and capable instructor by your side.  This experience will be of great benefit for all of your driving years.  Thanks again Jen.
Stuart Jackson, Campbeltown

Since getting nowhere with my previous instructor in the last two years I decided to go to Jennifer for lessons. Jen went back through the basics with me, sending me helpful emails with information to learn ( she does test you on it!! ). She explained everything I was unsure of and gave me the confidence to drive. She can be harsh if needed but in the end it helps an awful lot because an examiner will be just as harsh. Jen is a wonderful instructor and I would recommend her to everyone looking to take driving lessons.
Gemma McGowan, Paisley

Jen is very patient and friendly.  Even her singing is passable!  I would definately recommend Jen to everyone,  she actually managed to get me to stick to it and pass my test.  Thanks Jen.
Julie Fraser, Clydebank

Jen is a fantastic instructor, I recently just passed my test and it was all down to the teaching methods of Jen. She is very patient, if you do not get something she is telling you, she will go through it step by step so that you fully understand it. I could'nt have asked for a better instructor. Thanks Jen.
Steven Murie, Paisley

I decided to drive with Jen as I knew her prior to and felt it would make my learning experience easier. However, to anyone who does not know Jen, I would highly recommend her as her relaxed attitude and great learning techniques can turn anyone from a passenger to a driver with time. Not only did she make the learning process easy, it was enjoyable as well. She took me through all the basics step by step and before I knew it I was driving confidently. Again, I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to start their lessons.
A big thank you to Jen Owen.
Aaron Humphries, Paisley

When I first started with Jen I was terrified of driving. My previous instructor made me even more nervous and I ended up putting driving off for a couple of years. When I went back to driving, Jen helped me build my confidence until my lessons became something I looked forward to every week instead of dreaded. Jen is a really supportive and encouraging instructor which is what I really needed. She allowed me to do things at my pace and I slowly built my confidence from there. I have now passed my test and have my own car which is something I never thought would happen. Jen has been an amazing instructor, thanks Jen!
P.s. As a bonus, Jens also really funny and always has sweets in the car...
Keri Duffin, Paisley

When I first started learning to drive I was really nervous and had zero confidence. But, lessons with Jen were relaxed, fun, and she really helped me gain confidence in my driving. Jen has been a great driving instructor and I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking to learn to drive. Thanks Jen!
Jamie Stewart, Paisley

I had a few lessons with Jen in order to improve my confidence when driving in the city and on motorways as I come from a rural area.  I had never driven on the citity roads prior to my refresher lessons with Jen.  She immediately put me at ease and was patient even when I was struggling with something simple.  I would definately recommend Jen, as I am now a much more confident driver after only a few lessons.
Jayne Young, Campbeltown

Jen is a fantastic driving instructor.  When I first decided to learn to drive, I was extremely nervous. She immediately put me at ease and made learning to drive fun.  She was extremely patient, and did not let me give up when I thought I couldn't do something.  It was because of Jens great instruction that I passed my test 1st time!  I would have no hesitation in recommending Jen to anyone who is considering learning to drive.
Harriet Corbett, Paisley

Although I have my driving licence about 6 years from another european country, I decided to take a lesson with Jen to improve my skills in driving on the left side to minimize the danger of accidents when I am on the road. From the beginning of the lesson, Jen made me feel sure and she took away my excitement so that I felt very self-confident after it. I really recommend her for starting with driving.
Anonymous, Germany

I decided to do the Pass Plus course, about 6 months after passing my test with Jen.  I drove for only 6.5 hours, but during this time I really felt that my driving skills improved and whats more I gained greater confidence driving on the motorways, dual carriageways and country driving, which until I did Pass Plus, was something I found quite daunting.  I would definately recommend taking the Pass Plus course with Jen, because she makes you a more confident and all round better driver.
Clare Conroy, Paisley

Defintely by far the best driving instructor out there!  Jen always managed to make time around my shifts, I couldn't have passed without all her help and encouragement.  I passed my test 1st time and I would recommend Jen to anyone wanting to take lessons...a top class driving instructor!
Natasha Cahill, Linwood

After being nervous at the thought of learning how to drive for a few years, I have recently just passed FIRST time with Jen. Jen is an amazing teacher who never fails to make you laugh on lessons, she has the patience of a saint and has an amazing ability of making you believe in yourself.  Months ago I had never even sat in a drivers seat never mind switched a car on, and now I am able to drive with confidence.  After boasting about how much I enjoyed lessons my brother changed instructor to Jen and after a couple of months he too passed first time.  My daughter already has plans of trips to the zoo etc, minus the trains and buses thanks to Jens amazing teaching skills!.  Looking forward to now doing my pass plus.  Plenty more percy pigs and haribo to come. Keep up the good work Jennifer!
Danielle Smith, Paisley

I took my first lesson with Jen two weeks after my 17th birthday. From the start I felt confident and comfortable in Jens company due to her relaxed approach. Her instructions were plain and simple to understand and the reference points were memorable due to the shortcuts she used. Before I knew it I was booking my test which had a two month waiting list, between that time I was going over my manoeuvres and perfecting them. With Jens encouragement if felt confident and relaxed on my test. I took approximately 25 lessons over 5 and a half month period and passed first time. Cannot thank Jen enough and would recommend her to anyone.

Ross Geddes, Paisley

Jen is a fantastic driving instructor.  She is very patient and has a very good sense of humour. I would recommend Jen to anyone starting to drive or who hasn't driven for a long time and is looking to get back out on the road. Jen will never let you down. Thanks again.
Stewart Ryan, Paisley

It took me a few years after receiving my provisional to finally get driving. It was something I was always reluctant to do but I'm so glad I did, particularly with Jen Owen as my instructor. She made it such an enjoyable experience and helped me pass my test first time which I would never have thought possible. She had such a great temperament which made it easy to understand and learn how to drive. I was glad I finally got round to driving and can't wait to have the freedom a car can bring. I would encourage everyone to start driving but when you do make sure it's with Jen. You'll not regret it!
Andrew Miller, Paisley

I was very nervous about starting driving lessons again, as I had some lessons previously with another instructor.  I wasn't very confident in driving, but that changed the minute I met Jen. Jen helped me gain the confidence back that i had lost and she always believed in my ability when I didn't. Jen always made lessons comfortable and at ease, and I will not forget her singing !  Thanks to Jen for all her patience and time with me, I passed my test 1st time after 8/9 months and I couldn't be happier.
Thanks again Jen and all the best for the future.
Ailie, Renfrew

Learning to drive with Jen was a great experience. She was very supportive and had great patience. With her positive attitude, Jen definitely made me feel more confident in driving and actually enjoy the experience instead of finding it a chore. Jen was also really helpful with flexibility when it came to booking lessons. Although I was nervous before my test with Jen's encouragement and guidance I managed to pass first time. I know I will miss my lessons and I cannot recommend driving with Jen highly enough.
Catherine Canning, Paisley

I have just passed my driving test after a few months doing my lessons with Jen!  I changed from another instructor to Jen and I am so glad that I did.  I am now more confident than I ever was when driving before!  I would definately recommend Jen Owen.  Thanks again.
Lauren Lazzerini, Paisley

In addition to new drivers, I can highly recommend Jen for anyone who is thinking about refreshing or improving their driving skills.  If you've had a gap from driving, or just feel you need to regain your confidence, refresher lessons are well worth considering.
Many thanks Jen. 
Hazel, Paisley

After being indecisive about learning to drive, I'm glad I did & I'm glad I did it with Jen! From day one she put me at ease and slowly but surely helped me to build up my confident when out on the road. Even after the smallest setback, she continued to be positive, patient and provided encouragement when I started to doubt myself. Jen was always flexible when it came to lessons and the need to make changes at the last minute! She always had an infectious personality, great sense of humour and not forgetting the random singing & constant variety of sweets she kept in the car!! Thanks to Jen, I finally passed my test and I'm now more confident than ever when out driving in the car! Thanks for all your help & all the best for the future!
Lisa Todd, Paisley

I started lessons with Jen in December. Jen is a great instructor and I would definitely recommend her. I have recently passed my test, I was so nervous before it, but, thanks to Jens positive attitude I went into the test focused. Thanks Jen for all your help, I am so glad that I chose you to be my instructor.
Linsey Arthurs, Paisley

I started my driving lessons back in October with Jen Owen. I did not think eight months down the line I would be driving myself! From day one Jen told me to sit my theory test as soon as. By February I had picked up all my reference points perfectly! I eventually sat my theory and passed mid May. On the 18th of June I sat my test and passed with four minors. Throughout it all, Jen was very supportive and was extremely helpful! There was always an answer to any question or mistakes I had or made. That's why I would recommend Jen Owen School of Motoring to anyone who wants to become a safe and confident driver.
Jak O'Connell, Paisley

I took driving lessons from Jen for 5 months and during that short time, I feel, without doubt, that she has helped me to become a more confident driver. More importantly, I passed with Jen!

Jen's can-do attitude and belief in my driving ability has enabled me to become more successful than I was with my previous driving instructor. What's more, Jen is flexible when arranging lesson times! Jen is a fantastic instructor and someone I would definitely recommend! Thanks Jen!!
Clare Conroy, Paisley

I have just passed my driving test after only 5 months of lessons with Jen, she was a fantastic teacher and everything she teaches is very professional and the methods she uses are very simple and easy to understand. I would highly recommend Jen as a driving instructor, I am glad I chose her as my instructor...and also I'm going to miss her fear of cows and well everything in general and her amazing singing voice as well :)
Antonia Kerr, Paisley

Learning to drive with Jen gave me the skills and confidence to pass my test and enjoy driving. Her clear style, positive attitude, humour and encouragement kept me going. She won't let you give up! She wants the best for all her pupils and I would thoroughly recommend Jen to anyone thinking about learning to drive.
Marie-frances Hill, Queens Park, Glasgow

I found Jennifer to be a very good instructor who put me at ease from the very beginning. With Jen's patient and relaxed teaching style my confidence in the car was quickly found. I passed my test on the first attempt and would definitely put it down to Jen's tuition. I would thoroughly recommend Jen to anyone.
Jane Brandon, Paisley

As a mature woman who hadn't driven for 4 years after a stroke, I had lost confidence in ever being behind a steering wheel. After speaking to Jen Owen, who said she would get me my confidence back, I decided to have some refresher lessons. Jen was as good as her word, and, I am now back driving again. Thank you Jen.
Mrs A McGilvray, Paisley

I started my lessons with Jen in October 2012 and managed to pass my test 1st time with the fantastic tuition of Jen. With Jen's detailed lessons, driving felt like second nature to me, and my confidence grew each lesson. Jen always put a smile on my face with her high pitched singing and her funny stories and is very talented at her job as a driving instructor! Thank you again.
Kristy Fulton, Paisley

When I decided to take driving lessons, understandably, I was nervous as anyone would be, but with Jen she made me feel relaxed and calm. Jen taught me that if you are not enjoying driving then this is when you are more prone to make mistakes and panic.

Thanks to jen I passed my test first time, I would highly recommend Jen as a driving instructor.
Holly Brannagan, Paisley

I would like to say a big thank you to Jen for not only teaching me how to drive and gain a control over the car but also learning that a mistake is not a failure but a valuable lesson. When I started my driving lessons with Jen, I was scared and easily panicked but willing to be able to drive one day. And this day has come, which could not have made happier in my whole life. Jen’s easy-going approach and encouragement helped me to overcome the fear of going over 20 mph, and boost my confidence with time. I would recommend Jen to any of my friends, and it was a pleasure (and sometimes a torture when Jen was singing lol) to be tutored by her. Once more, I would like to thank you Jen for believing in my driving abilities and making me believe in myself.
Joanna Radoskwa, Paisley

I started my lessons in October 2011 and was extremely nervous. I had taken lessons when I was younger but hadn't taken one for over 12 years! Jennifer was patient, explained everything in detail and continuously encouraged me throughout my lessons while answering my many questions! I am now a confident driver and couldn't have done it without her!!!! Would recommend her to anyone! Thanks again.
Kelly Wilson, Barrhead

I have just passed my test after the 2nd attempt this morning. I had absolutely no confidence in myself when I started my lessons with jen, but she helped me to build my confidence and be positive and believe in myself. I would recommend Jen to anyone considering lessons, she is relaxed and makes the lesson enjoyable & funny with it. She has good wee methods of helping you to remember things too, which helps! Even when I had a couple of 'meltdowns' she was patient with me and helped me through it, thanks Jen for your patience with me, I must have driven you up the pole at times :)

I don't know what else to say, apart from thank you to Jen for helping me achieve something that I NEVER, EVER thought I would be able to do. Only downfall from passing is I'll miss seeing Jen and the wee laughs we used to have. Thanks Jen & wishing you all the best for the future & many more passes to come :)
Yvonne Keenan, Penilee

Having put off learning to drive for various reasons I finally got round to starting to learn with Jen at the age of 33 and it was definitely the right choice.

Right from the start she put me at ease in the car and her sense of humour and structured approach to learning helped me build up confidence on the road. I felt like I was making good progress with each lesson, and the way she broke down driving procedures and manoeuvres in to simple-to-understand steps as well as answering all queries I had concisely helped to consolidate what I was learning.

Jen was very flexible with arranging lesson times around work, and having passed my test at the first attempt I feel that the confidence I had on that day came from her excellent tuition. I would definitely recommend Jen to anyone looking to learn to drive!
Mark Trevena, Kings Park

Coming from Campbeltown I was very unfamiliar with the busy roads in Glasgow. Jen had been recommended to me by my big sister so when I went to uni I arranged to have a couple of lessons. The lessons covered duel carriageways, roundabouts, motorways, safe driving and a revision of the highway code . I now feel much more confident when driving in the city and feel the lessons were very worthwhile."
Lindsay Armour, Campbeltown

Jen is an excellent driving instructor, having been banned from driving 2 years ago I was reluctant to start lessons again! Jen made me feel confident about driving again and I passed my test within a few months! I would recommend Jen to anybody that wishes to do lessons she is the best.
Carol Hay, Paisley

Jen's driving instruction is clear and concise and her relaxed, patient nature put me at ease from the moment I started driving with her. I managed to pass my test on the first try, 7 months pregnant, after not having driven in 6 years and for me driving on the 'wrong' side of the road (I'm from America)! So if I can do it with Jen's instruction....I think anyone can. :)

Thanks again for all your help. I am so pleased to have passed and have the freedom and flexibility that a license allows.

All the best in future.
Robyn Walker, Ibrox

Since I started lessons with Jen, my driving has continued to improve and this has allowed me to become more confident on the road. Learning to drive can be a daunting experience but Jen made me feel at ease with her good sense of humour and her positive encouragement! The instruction she gave me was clear and concise and as a result I managed to pass my test less than 5months after my 17th birthday. I would recommend Jen to any learner driver as my lessons with her made my learning experience an enjoyable one! Thanks again Jen! "
Alison Hendrie, Paisley

I was a bag of nerves when I first started taking driving lessons but Jens relaxed approach to teaching made me feel so at ease, that I went from dreading my lessons, to enjoying them. Jen is fun but firm when she has to be, and makes you realise that driving is not as hard as you think. I am positive that if it wasn’t for Jen, I would never have passed my test.
Lauren Berrie, Paisley

Jen is an excellent driving instructor. Having tried and twice failed to get my license at 17, I was reluctant to get back behind the wheel. Learning to drive had been unrewarding and stressful but five years on and with Jen's calm, simple and good-humoured tuition it was an entirely enjoyable experience. I passed my test no problem and felt so ready for the road that I was on the motorway within hours and set out on my first road trip the very next weekend! Jen filled me with confidence and I couldn't recommend her more highly as an instructor.
Paul McQueen, Paisley

I started my lessons with Jen last year, she gave me confidence to drive as she was laid back, friendly and always positive. She put me at ease from day one and made learning to drive a fun experience! Thanks to Jen I passed my driving test first time round whoop whoop! She is an awesome instructor and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.
Shannon Smith, Paisley

Jen made learning to drive a fun experience! She explained everything very clearly and lessons were always really enjoyable. She was very patient and helped me to build my driving confidence. I would thoroughly recommend Jen to anyone!
Kirsty Wallance, Giffnock

I have known Jen for a few years now as she lives locally. I started my lessons with her at the end of November an passed my test first time at the start of May. I am extremely happy with what I achieved and the progress I made all within a few months. I suppose you could say it was down to Jen's relaxed approach and fun environment. I would happily recommend her to anyone that wants to learn to drive as she is cheapest and best!
Marc Geddes, Paisley

I always wanted to drive since having my provisional at 17, but I never had the confidence to get behind the wheel. Jen lives near to my Gran and after speaking to her several times I decided to book some lessons with her even although I was completely terrified. Jen made me feel at ease, she makes learning to drive fun and gave me a confidence boost! Jen has been my only Instructor and I have recommended her to my friends especially the ones who are as nervous as me. I highly recommend learning to drive with Jen Owen to everyone.
Kirsty Cowley, Paisley
Jen had been recommended to me by my friends. I had previously been taught by 2 other instructors but Jen immediately put me at ease with her sense of humour and helped me build on the confidence I was lacking. Thanks to Jen I managed to keep on my family tradition of passing 1st time with 2 minors! I cannot recommend Jen highly enough, she makes learning to drive fun!
Kirsty Ferguson, Paisley

I did the pass plus course with Jen because I came from Campbeltown but had never driven up the road, despite having a license for 3 years. Now I've got the confidence that if I have to go on motorways, or big roundabouts I can handle it. And, an added bonus for people from home is Jen knows the roads in Kintyre so she understands the difference and won't throw you in at the deep end too quick! Thanks Jen!
Lisa McDonald, Campbeltown

I would highly recommend Jen to anyone taking driving lessons. I had failed my driving test on 3 occasions with my previous instructor and was lacking in confidence. However, Jen quickly built up my confidence again with her relaxed and patient approach and also improved my driving skills with clear and concise instructions that my old Instructor did not provide me with. I honestly do not think I could have passed with anyone else. Thanks Jen
Anne McAllister, Merrylee

I had a couple of lessons with Jen as a qualified driver to build my confidence for city and motorway driving. She really helped me with both, giving me really good advice. She really made me feel at ease in my lessons and was very patient. Overall my lessons were very beneficial and enjoyable with Jen, I would highly recommend her to any learner or qualified driver
Lorna Armour, Campbeltown

I can't rate Jen highly enough to learn to drive with. She was extremely patient and got her point across quickly and clearly which gave me more time practicing. I had 5 hours tuition with Jen which felt far more beneficial than the 15 hours with two previous instructors I had. When I drove for the first time with her, she immediately spotted my bad habits which would need to be addressed, however she also encouraged the good habits that I should keep up. I passed my test on the first attempt and definitely think that was down to my tuition with Jen.
Craig McHale, Paisley

As a second time round learner, I couldn’t have been more nervous, but Jen put me completely at ease from day one. Through her patience and motivation I soon got over the nerves and started to enjoy driving. She was fantastic at breaking down procedures and manoeuvres, providing me with useful notes after each lesson so I wouldn’t forget what I had just learned. She was great fun and her relaxed and patient manner gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. I would thoroughly recommend Jen to anyone and couldn’t have done it without her help. Many thanks.
Elisabet Henderson, Thornliebank

I would encourage anyone looking to take up driving lessons to have Jen as their instructor. From the very first lesson you are put at ease and made to feel confident about your driving abilities. Jen's teaching style has the right balance of fun and seriousness which enabled me to develop my driving while at the same time having fun! She is great at setting goals and is extremely flexible with her lesson times in order to suit your work load. I have now passed my test and it is all down to Jens excellent instructing skills!
Stephanie Keegan, Paisley

Starting driving lessons can be quite daunting, especially with so many different instructors on offer. After i was recommended Jen by a friend I can say that she has saved me both time and money in getting me to pass first time. Jen explains everything clearly and concisely and was keen to answer any questions about driving, both practical and theory, that I had. I would suggest Jen to other learners as she provided a stress-free and understanding environment to learn in.
Stuart Davidson, Paisley

Jen was my second instructor, who, I was advised from by a friend, and from the first lesson Jen made me feel so relaxed in the car with her friendly personality. She is a great instructor, very patient and makes it easy and enjoyable to learn to drive. Jen was always positive and would never let you think bad of your driving and helped me gain the confidence to sit my test let alone pass first time, which I could never of done without her help! I would recommend Jennifer to anyone wanting to start learning to drive!
Rachel Brookes, Paisley

Jen makes you feel relaxed when you are in her car, she is friendly, smiley, patient and makes you feel at ease behind the wheel. Lessons with Jen made me feel much more confident and calm while I was driving, Jen not only knows how to teach in a way that makes you thoroughly enjoy learning to drive, she makes it easier to learn the rules of the road with her abbreviations, jokes and encouragement. She asked me what my goals and timeframes were and made sure that I kept them. I would not hesitate to recommend Jen as a driving instructor as I don't think anyone could find a driving instructor with more patience, teaching know how and an impressively relaxing manner not to mention her great sense of humour and cheaper than average prices. I don't think I would have passed with out her and I am very thankful that Jen was my driving instructor and I plan to do pass plus with her in the next few weeks.
Subrina Lal, Ibrox

I decided to start learning to drive with Jen Owen because she was the most accommodating to my personal circumstances and was very competitively priced. I needed to pass within a set time-frame, which Jen ensured that i achieved. My lessons were always structured and tailored to my needs. Jen was always positive and constructive. I Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to learn to drive.
Gary McGlynn, Paisley

Jen is friendly and patient. She makes driving fun, but is stern when she has to. Everything she does suits the way which is best for you to learn. I have had lessons in the past but Jen is the only one who has had the patience and the right attitude. I passed 1st time with only 2 minors and I know I couldn't have done it without Jen. I am going to miss my lessons because they were fun and I will miss her random singing which made me laugh. All I am going to say is I learned with the best.
Laureen Bell, Johnstone

I began driving with a different instructor, but when I began to feel my confidence slipping, I took the advice of a friend and took lessons with Jen instead. As well as her fantastic and relaxed relationship with her pupils, she has very effective ways of boosting your confidence and teaching you how to drive in a way that isn't intimidating. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons because of it, well that and her endless supply of sweets! I really would recommend learning with Jen, if she could teach me to drive, she can teach anyone!
Stef Kirkland, Kilmalcolm

"I'm absolutely delighted with the instruction I received from Jen Owen. I passed first time with 3 minors. Jen's instruction was encouraging, helpful and patient. She gave me so much confidence to be a positive, safe driver and now I love driving! She provided notes to study between lessons and explained all manoeuvres and techniques perfectly so I felt very capable and thoroughly prepared to take my test. I would recommend Jen Owen to anyone who wants to progress with the best instruction. Thanks!"
Shawn Curren, Kingspark

Jen is an amazing instructor and incredibly perceptive. From the moment I first sat behind the wheel, Jen instinctively understood my learning style and adjusted my lessons to suit my mood. Never once did I feel I was being rushed or pushed to do something I wasn’t completely comfortable with. Despite this, Jen maintained the learning curve and never once lost sight of our shared goal. It really felt like a partnership. My time with Jen was funny, engaging, challenging and hugely rewarding. She helped me achieve a life long goal - and as a 40 year old who got his provisional license when he turned 18, that goal was long time coming. Thanks
Kevin Blackwood, Linwood

I am an older driver - having driven for some 55 years. Both privately and in the course of my business life using company cars. Being aware that, unbeknown to me, my driving skills had lessened over time, I arranged for Jen to observe my driving and identify faults that had crept into my technique. And she did!

At the end of the drive she advised me of several potentially dangerous driving habits which could have resulted in an accident. Most of which I was not aware of. Jen's approach is friendly but very observant and thoroughly professional. Above all she was spot on with her identification of my faults and didn't hold back in letting me know how serious some of them were. Just as it should be, given that my own well-being and that of my passengers and other road users was involved. I was so impressed by Jen that I now go to her for an annual check up to ensure that I am as safe as I can be on the road.
Bob Wright, Paisley

"I had no driving experience whatsoever when I started driving lessons with Jen. Her teaching style involves comprehensively coaching you through a wide range of driving manoeuvres and situations while actively encouraging you to think for yourself about potential hazards and the implications of your actions. Additionally, she's always happy to answer any questions that you have. Thanks to this, my knowledge and confidence has grown immensely in the space of only a few months. I can thoroughly recommend Jen as an instructor.
David Wright, Kingspark

Jen helped me to build my confidence allowing me to pass my test first time. She was a good laugh but stern when it was needed, this made driving fun and I looked forward to my lessons each week. I would definitely recommend Jen as an instructor to anyone! :)
Lauren Paton, Paisley

When I turned 17, I booked my 1st set of driving lessons with Jen. I was so nervous on my 1st lesson but Jen was really calming and approachable and made the 1st lesson very enjoyable. I even got to drive on the 1st lesson which I wasn't expecting to! Jen explained everything clearly to me, making it easier to start. She helped me to progress a lot. She gave me more confidence about driving. Once I had passed my theory test, Jen focused mainly on manoeuvres until I was ready to sit my test. On the lesson before my test, Jen refreshed my memory and kept me calm and explained what I had to do. Passing my driving test at the 1st attempt was such a relief and mainly down to Jen. I would definitely recommend her as a Driving Instructor because if I can pass 1st time anyone can!
Emma Ryan, Paisley

Going back to learning to drive was terrifying on my first lesson but after my legs stopped shaking, with Jen's encouragement, my confidence grew and I whizzed through the lessons and passed my test 1st time! Thanks to Jen's fantastic instruction, patience and detailed show-and-tell explanations I realised that learning to drive wasn't scary. It was FUN! I'd highly recommend Jen to anyone.
Jo Livingston Paisley

After completing the Pass Plus course with Jen, I have gained better awareness and drive with greater confidence. The extra tuition has given me a complete set of skills to deal better with the roads. Thanks!
Ross Davidson, Paisley

I had my 1st lesson with Jen on my 17th birthday and although I was nervous Jen put me at ease. She is very patient and always has a joke to keep you at ease! She explains things in a manner which makes it easy to understand and remember. I would recommend Jen as an Instructor to any of my friends.
Calum MacLeod, Paisley

With 3 children and recently becoming a full-time carer for my Mum, I desperately needed to learn to drive. I was terrified, but, Jen immediately put me at ease. She is extremely laid back and has a fantastic sense of humour that makes learning to driving fun. Jen is great at explaining and really boosts your confidence. I can't thank Jen enough, I passed 1st time!
Hazel Murphy, Paisley